Homes for Sale in Calgary: Market Factors to Watch Out for in 2015

Changes in the marketplace, whether economic or legislative in nature, can bode ill or well for consumers. As such, buyers in search of quality houses for sale in Calgary would be wise to keep an eye on market developments. Take, for example, the move toward multi-family dwellings that provide first-time buyers, as well as those looking to downsize, with more affordable and convenient housing options.

Changes in 2015

On the legislative side, Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act seeks to ensure safe and affordable dwellings for consumers. The act, in particular, mandates home builders to acquire building warranties before they can secure a building permit for any residential structure. As reported on the Edmonton Journal, these warranties include a year’s coverage for labour and materials, two years for plumbing and electrical systems, and five years for water damage.

Indeed, first-time home buyers have a lot going on for them in terms of the protections set in place by the provincial government. Yet while Calgary’s economic fundamentals remain strong and real estate prospects for 2015 are looking up, home buyers should still plan their move wisely and turn to an experienced real estate specialist such as Christine Ordze when looking for affordable homes for sale in Calgary, particularly in the downtown and inner city areas. Such a property specialist with strong ties and involvement in these communities would be well aware of local developments and can consequently recommend suitable and affordable dwellings in convenient locations where one can plant roots and start a family.

As for inner city living in Calgary, a lot of home buyers have since discovered its advantages. For instance, proximity to schools and workplaces enable them to save on time and gas money, not to mention vehicle repair and maintenance costs. Living in such a convenient location also provides easy access to a myriad leisure and entertainment amenities. In any case, it is best to employ the services of real estate specialists such as Christine Ordze when looking for the kind of home and community that are conducive to raising a family.

There’s nothing like having a home to finally call one’s own. With the help of an experienced property specialist, the path to home ownership can be a truly rewarding experience.

(Source: Market to see a lot of changes in 2015, Calgary Sun, January 3, 2015)

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