Why you need an RPR (not title insurance) when buying a house in Calgary

Here’s the downside of not having a current RPR. Anything that isn’t in compliance will cost you money and time down the road. It could be when your neighbour sells and/or when you sell in the future. I’ve had issues getting compliance on my client’s property costing anywhere froTitleInsurance_thumbm $300 to $10,000 and taking anywhere from 5 weeks to 10 months to complete.

When buying a property you shouldn’t be the one to incur the sellers issues or problems with the property. My personal pain… I have a cement pad on the side of my house, sitting on the utility right of way, (there since I bought this house) that reminds me why my buyers need a current RPR. This is an expense I will incur when I sell.

Never neglect this money grabber when owning a condo in Calgary

When you purchase a condo you will receive a set of condo documents passed on from the seller. The condo document review company will organize them and put them in a binder for you to store along with the purchase documents from your lawyer and real estate agent. Years down the road when you want to sell, most likely, your condo documents to be passed onto the next owner, will be out of date. To provide a complete set of condo documents you’ll need to contact the management company for copies that are missing.

Now here’s the money grabber – depending on what you need to complete the set, it will cost you anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Yes, extremely inflated prices to have someone use the copying machine, and even more frustrating when the files are all sent digitally.

How to make buyers love you before moving into your Calgary home

I was helping a couple find a home when we came across this one property they really loved. There were tenants in the home and I had to give 24 hours notice to view it. My clients were so excited about the home that they were worried that if we had to wait for 24 hours, someone else would buy it before they could see it. After talking with the seller’s Realtor, we moving to calgarymanaged to get in that day by piggy backing on another Realtor’s showing. Well, our efforts paid off because my clients loved the property!

Within the private remarks (notes only viewed by the real estate agents), the sellers promised to have the home cleaned prior to moving in. If you’ve ever viewed a property that is lived in, you know that the home is never 100% clean and many times there are food smells and well, uncertain, less desirable smells.