Two issues you must know when buying a house or a condo

For single family homes, there are two issues. First is the real property report. This is the map of the property showing where the buildings are, as well, as fences and cement pads, so any permanent structures. What you need to look out for is to make sure that this map or the real property report is exactly as the property is. This is a document that needs to be approved by the municipality in order to complete the sale.

Another issue to buying a single family home is the restrictions on the property. This can be found on the title of the property and can impose limits on what changes you can make to the property. One of the most popular is with the fence, there are limits on the height, the type and sometimes having a fence in the front yard.

Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing Calgary Condos Downtown

From dining, shopping, to its world-class entertainment scene, downtown Calgary is a hub of the most exciting events and activities. Its stunning towers and gleaming skyscrapers make it a modern, attractive place for trendsetters and businessmen to live in. This, coupled with the government’s latest efforts to develop downtown living, further ensures that a boom in the area’s real estate industry is just around the corner.
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Buying a house in Calgary? Look at the fence for community engagement

At the Cornerstone Youth Centre, Nixon said that since this connection is lacking where they live, this is the place they can get it. This is where they can play with other kids, talk about their problems and feel connected.

Where my house is, I know my neighbours across the street and across the alley. I know my neighbours to the east, since their boy loves to come over and play with mine. And the neighbour to the west I’ve yet to meet since they just moved in. I’m still going to get my fortress fence, although I’ll be sure to invite my neighbours over to the other side of this great wall to create community.

Calgary Inner City Real Estate Update October 2014

For the 2 Storey homes in October, we saw a ratio of 1:4.54, so about 4 months of inventory which has been consistent since at least June. The 2 bedroom condos have just over three months of inventory, a bit higher than in June which had 2.5 months of inventory. The higher the ratio the more time buyers have to make a decision on a property and the more choice they have.

The inner city condo market fluctuates most throughout the year having peaks in the spring and again in the fall. Whereas the single family home market still has fluctuations around the same times although more subtle. Looking at the graph, the best times to sell would be March through to June, and then late August and September.

Increase the potential of your Calgary home for sale at evening showings

Entrance Lighting. Nothing’s worse than moving from the street light to complete darkness, switching on the flashlight app and trying to find the lock box. Front door lighting is very important! You really don’t want anyone tripping on the uneven sidewalk or the steps. Go a step further with lighting and buy solar lights that can be staked into the ground along the front walk. This looks amazing!

Ambiance Lighting. Once we walk in the door searching for the first light switch can be frustrating and even more so when there is no lighting to make it any easier. At times I feel like a prowler with my flashlight. Set the lighting for a relaxing evening by putting on some lamps in the living room, under counter lights in the kitchen, dim the light in the dining room, and turn on the end table lamps in the bedrooms.

10 tips for attracting more buyers when selling in Calgary

The MLS (multiple listing service) is a real estate agent’s greatest marketing tool, since that is where most buyers go online to find properties for sale. When they bring up the information on your property this is the threshold to view or not to view.

Before the property information goes live there is an opportunity to review all the details that potential buyers will see. Take this time to review it and make adjustments if needed. You want to make sure that all information is correct so that the buyer isn’t mislead or that you’re offering something that can’t be delivered.