Are schools important for selling your home in Calgary?

A community evolves over time and changes it’s needs. The community that I live in was established in the 1960’s and many of the original owners are at an age where they need to sell their property for something more manageable. With this, younger families are coming in. We have four schools in our neighbourhood, and a few years back the school board wanted to shut down one of our schools. I was part of the group to keep it open knowing that there were changes coming in the demographics of our community. We were successful and now the school that they wanted to close is near capacity.


How market value is determined when buying or selling a home in Calgary

There are many criteria for determining the market value of a home as you can see. Making sure your home is priced correctly when you first place it on the market will grant you the best dollar amount for your property. When errors are made in pricing your home too high, price decreases will follow with the signal to the buyers that you’re motivated to sell. Pricing too low will definitely sell it fast, although did you get the best price possible for your home.

Homes for Sale in Calgary: Market Factors to Watch Out for in 2015

Changes in the marketplace, whether economic or legislative in nature, can bode ill or well for consumers. As such, buyers in search of quality houses for sale in Calgary would be wise to keep an eye on market developments. Take, for example, the move toward multi-family dwellings that provide first-time buyers, as well as those looking to downsize, with more affordable and convenient housing options.
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Top Reasons Moving to Calgary Can Be One of Your Best Decisions Ever

The city of Calgary in Canada has consistently occupied the top half of most “Best Cities to Live In” lists around the world for quite some time now. What it is about this city that makes it a haven for both the migrant and the successful Calgary Realtor®? For one, the city is known for high wages, low taxes, excellent quality of life, and overall cleanliness. These qualities, however, are only the tip of the iceberg.
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Calgary Inner City Real Estate Report November 2014

It looks as though the cold did have a bit of an affect on Calgary’s inner city market because we’ve seen more properties on the iStock_000023336579Mediummarket and less buyers signing contracts. This is clearly one of the highest inventory levels all year.

For bungalows and condos, the inventory is way up, creating an even further gap. Bungalows now have 3 months of inventory (Oct.

3 things you must know when buying a house in Calgary’s winter months

During the winter months, the days get much shorter and looking at homes after 6 PM can be very dark. Be sure to pack a flashlight or load the app on your smart phone (that app is very handy!) for areas that have poor or no lighting.
Give yourself extra time to get from property to property because traffic is slow and the roads can be messy and hard to get through. Parking can also be more difficult because of unplowed streets.