Watch out for Red Flags when Looking at Houses for Sale in Calgary

Here’s a nice story from the Calgary Herald that might get you to consider looking for nice houses for sale in Calgary, particularly in the inner city.

Bowness resident Patti Dolan adores living in the inner city.

But it’s been a tough go after her basement filled up with water in the devastating floods that hit Calgary this past June.

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Demand Continues to Increase for Inner-city Calgary Homes for Sale

The first quarter of the year 2014 augurs well for Calgary Realtors® as housing demand in the city continues to rise. The strong demand is happening despite the increase in home prices during the first months of the year. According to an article posted on the Calgary Herald last February 6th, 2014, the outlook for housing starts is strong for the first quarter of the year, based on several data: Continue reading

Calgary Homes for Sale: Finding the Right Neighborhood in Inner City

Without a doubt, Calgary is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, and can now claim to be at par with Vancouver and Toronto when it comes to real estate activity. A report in Calgary Herald better illustrates this development:

Calgary prices rose by 9.6 per cent year-over-year and by 1.1 per cent month-over-month – both the best in the country and to an all-time high for the city, said the Teranet-National Bank National Composite House Price Index.” Real estate experts believe that the trend is set to carry over the foreseeable future at least. Continue reading

A Capable Calgary Realtor® Can Aid Homebuyers in a Competitive Market

A recent news article on the Calgary Herald website points out that buyers around the Calgary area are more than willing to pay good money to secure the home of their dreams. Some reports have pegged the average cost of properties in some inner-city neighborhoods to be around $600,000. It’s a natural consequence that when the properties of a given region become even more desirable, its real estate market also becomes more competitive. The article shares some details regarding this trend: Continue reading

Calgary Homes for Sale – Update February 26th

Last year we experience low inventory of Calgary homes for sale compared to 2012, unfortunately this year it’s even lower. Inventory over Feb 2013 has decreased by 18.22% and sales have increase by 6.66%. This tells me that properties are coming onto the market at decent prices and getting swooped up right away. On top of that the portion of inventory that got batted around in the last few months has finally found a buyer.

Now as for property values the increase is holding true to the beginning of the year forecast. Condos have increased by 3.4% over January 2014 and single family homes have increased by 5.4%.

Inclusionary Zoning – How will it affect homes for sale in Calgary?

If you look at current homes for sale in Calgary, if you look at condo buildings specifically don’t you think they already… voluntarily have “inclusionary zoning”? The lower floors are more affordable, albeit with smaller units, and with less view. Some buildings even have included the smaller units on the higher floors that are still affordable. So this tells me that builders are already considering entry level to moderately priced properties to cater to this income bracket.

I do support the need for affordable housing since our rental vacancy rate is hovering around 1% and the cost of renting is only going up and being less affordable! I also support the need for builders to have a huge influence on how inclusionary zoning is decided, since this isn’t a simple solution to a very serious problem.

How to Find a Great Calgary Realtor

1. Ask a realtor in your local area if they can refer one they know in Calgary, preferably one they’ve done business with.

2. If you’re transferring for employment reasons ask your future colleagues to recommend someone, especially those who have bought recently. Find out why they would recommend this person and what really stood out about them.

3. Go online and search Calgary Realtor, and for those who came up, look at their website and go to client feedback for hints on what to expect from this Realtor. Look at other parts of their website for information on community involvement and knowledge of the industry.