7 reasons to protect yourself when buying a newly built home in Calgary

I was once told by this real estate agent that new home sales were easy, “I just sign in my client, leave my card and go. There’s no reason to be there, the sales people take care of everything.” I remember the words, although I can’t remember the agent – I wonder why?

That was some time ago, but I remembered those words because on the weekend, I received a really nice compliment from the Area Manager at Excel Homes. He pulled me aside while my cliecouple is considering future apartment designnt was out of the room and said how nice it was that I stayed the whole time with my client to help with questions, decisions and just being there as a support. He said real estate agents often don’t even come in the door with their client and just hand him their card.

Important info about fees in Calgary Downtown Condos from a Property Manager

Ever wonder why condo fees go up and payment for a special assessment gets slipped under the door of Calgary downtown condos? Well so did I!

The other day, I had the opportunity to sit down with Kyle Kalloo of C-Era Property Management to talk about condo management and to fill me in on why condo owners get dinged with this extra expense. Now Calgary luxury condoswhat I found out I thought was important to share with owners of our Calgary downtown condos.


HOA fees when buying a home or Calgary downtown condos

HOA is the acronym for Home Owners Association. This is a fee charged to each of the home owners in the communcalgary downtown condosity to maintain its public areas. This money is usually for community memberships, or maintenance of a park or lake and is paid by the home owners once per year.

Most HOA fees are found on the title of the property under a restrictive covenant. You may also find that the closer you are to the amenity the higher the HOA is. This is a mandatory fee for the home home owners so make sure that this fee is paid up to date by the seller when buying the property.

Are Calgary downtown condos dog friendly?

When living in a single family home you own the dwelling and the land and have very few restrictions. Although when you live in a condo there can be living restriction decided upon by the condo board. One of which is whether you can have a pet or not.Calgary downtown condos

While working with your real estate agent make sure he/she knows you have pets or have the intention of getting a pet, even the type and size is important. The reason is that all condo buildings have restrictions on these critters.

What to expect when your offer to buy a home is in competition

Have you heard the stories going around about multiple offers on properties two minutes after it’s come onto the market and it sells for $100,000 over asking price? Well, that may be a bit exaggerated and I’m sure there are stories out there that are, although the excitement and craziness has stirred up activity like that when buying a home in Calgary’s seller’s market.

There were several times that I presented an offer for my clients where we competed with one to five other offers. And during those times, I saw buying a home in calgaryafterwords, that the property sold for 10-15% (or $40,000 to $80,000) over asking price.

Two issues you must know when buying a house or a condo

For single family homes, there are two issues. First is the real property report. This is the map of the property showing where the buildings are, as well, as fences and cement pads, so any permanent structures. What you need to look out for is to make sure that this map or the real property report is exactly as the property is. This is a document that needs to be approved by the municipality in order to complete the sale.

Another issue to buying a single family home is the restrictions on the property. This can be found on the title of the property and can impose limits on what changes you can make to the property. One of the most popular is with the fence, there are limits on the height, the type and sometimes having a fence in the front yard.

Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing Calgary Condos Downtown

From dining, shopping, to its world-class entertainment scene, downtown Calgary is a hub of the most exciting events and activities. Its stunning towers and gleaming skyscrapers make it a modern, attractive place for trendsetters and businessmen to live in. This, coupled with the government’s latest efforts to develop downtown living, further ensures that a boom in the area’s real estate industry is just around the corner.
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