Top Reasons Moving to Calgary Can Be One of Your Best Decisions Ever

The city of Calgary in Canada has consistently occupied the top half of most “Best Cities to Live In” lists around the world for quite some time now. What it is about this city that makes it a haven for both the migrant and the successful Calgary Realtor®? For one, the city is known for high wages, low taxes, excellent quality of life, and overall cleanliness. These qualities, however, are only the tip of the iceberg.

Calgary the Best City in Canada

A city of about 1.2 million people, Calgary is a sprawling metropolis that has seen its share of accolades—Best Place to Raise Children and Best Place to Live (MoneySense, 2013); Best Annual Prosperity Index in the world (2012); Best Performing Canadian Real Estate Market (Canadian Real Estate Association, 2012); Best in Retail Sales Growth (Statistics Canada, 2013); and is also known as the city with the Most Comfortable Climate in all of Canada (Environment Canada, 2013), to name a few.

Here are a few more reasons why moving to Calgary this year can be the move of a lifetime:

World-class commute – Commuting in most of the world’s major cities is almost often associated with hassle—long queues, gridlocked traffic, and the like. Not in Calgary, though. In the city, one can commute to work in as little as under an hour; sometimes even as short as 30 minutes.

Economic stability – Calgary’s stable economic performance earned it the moniker “epicenter of the Canadian economy”. This is due to having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, as well as having the highest average income and home ownership—the latter being a major reason why realtors like Christine Ordze focus on the Downtown Calgary property market. In addition, Calgary’s strong economy is bolstered by the energy, technology, manufacturing, finance, film, transportation, and creative industries.

Vibrant cultural scene – The “Cow Town” is named after its citizens’ passion for art and culture. Events like the Calgary Stampede (an annual rodeo show considered as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”) further exemplify the lively nature of the city’s inhabitants. Museums and libraries are also located all around the metropolis for anyone seeking to improve their knowledge base.

Cleanliness – A round-the-clock recycling program keeps Calgary’s streets squeaky clean. One doesn’t have to worry about “stinky city air” in Calgary as it sits close to nature like very few other cities. Take advantage of its vast selection of lush hiking and biking trails and wildlife parks to name a few.

(Source: Is Calgary the Best City in Canada to Live? Huffington Post Alberta, April 1, 2014)


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