Increase the potential of your Calgary home for sale at evening showings

Entrance Lighting. Nothing’s worse than moving from the street light to complete darkness, switching on the flashlight app and trying to find the lock box. Front door lighting is very important! You really don’t want anyone tripping on the uneven sidewalk or the steps. Go a step further with lighting and buy solar lights that can be staked into the ground along the front walk. This looks amazing!

Ambiance Lighting. Once we walk in the door searching for the first light switch can be frustrating and even more so when there is no lighting to make it any easier. At times I feel like a prowler with my flashlight. Set the lighting for a relaxing evening by putting on some lamps in the living room, under counter lights in the kitchen, dim the light in the dining room, and turn on the end table lamps in the bedrooms.


Finding Houses for Sale in Calgary that Suit your Budget and Lifestyle

Many luxury houses for sale in Calgary may be the ideal options for buyers with similar profiles. For instance, million-dollar mansions serve as the new homes of migrant business professionals who see fit to invest in the city’s lucrative energy sector. Other high-end home buyers also contribute to the upswing in luxury home sales.

Upscale single-family houses typically have more than 3 bedrooms as well as expansive indoor and outdoor living spaces. The best models and resale houses even receive multiple offers from serious buyers and real estate investors. Meanwhile, some working professionals and downsizing boomers also find luxury condo units more to their liking.

Houses for Sale in Calgary: The Various Perks of Inner City Living

Although some families prefer to live in the smaller towns around Calgary, many find the active urban vibe of this thriving Canadian city rather irresistible.

Living close to where you work makes a lot of sense. For instance, you can spend more time with your family and find fulfillment through your other lifestyle pursuits instead of spending several hours a week stuck in traffic. Ben Apple’s article for points out some of the other known perks of living within the heart of the city.

Calgary Homes for Sale – Update February 26th

Last year we experience low inventory of Calgary homes for sale compared to 2012, unfortunately this year it’s even lower. Inventory over Feb 2013 has decreased by 18.22% and sales have increase by 6.66%. This tells me that properties are coming onto the market at decent prices and getting swooped up right away. On top of that the portion of inventory that got batted around in the last few months has finally found a buyer.

Now as for property values the increase is holding true to the beginning of the year forecast. Condos have increased by 3.4% over January 2014 and single family homes have increased by 5.4%.

Inclusionary Zoning – How will it affect homes for sale in Calgary?

If you look at current homes for sale in Calgary, if you look at condo buildings specifically don’t you think they already… voluntarily have “inclusionary zoning”? The lower floors are more affordable, albeit with smaller units, and with less view. Some buildings even have included the smaller units on the higher floors that are still affordable. So this tells me that builders are already considering entry level to moderately priced properties to cater to this income bracket.

I do support the need for affordable housing since our rental vacancy rate is hovering around 1% and the cost of renting is only going up and being less affordable! I also support the need for builders to have a huge influence on how inclusionary zoning is decided, since this isn’t a simple solution to a very serious problem.