Buying Homes for Sale in Calgary: What First-time Buyers Need to Know

Before anyone can start with the home-buying process, they must first have a location in mind. Deciding where to settle often means months—sometimes even years—of weighing pros and cons. The good news is, The Economist recently came up with a list to make things easier. Canadian Press writer Linda Nguyen reports that the magazine released their rankings of the world’s most liveable cities based on safety, healthcare, infrastructure, and educational resources.

Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary

While the title of World’s Most Liveable City belongs to Melbourne, Australia, three Canadian cities managed to score spots in the esteemed top 10, an impressive feat indeed. These cities are Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary, which shared the no. 5 spot with Adelaide.

Debating which among these Canadian cities to settle in is no easy task. Those who are leaning toward Calgary, though, have several things to keep in mind, especially if they are purchasing a home for the first time. Here are things to take note of when buying homes for sale in Calgary to simplify the process for the better:


So first-time homebuyers have decided to make Calgary their city of primary residence, but which neighbourhood will they live in? The city’s diverse neighbourhoods can make narrowing down on one difficult for movers, but it helps to know their needs and wants first. If they are planning to raise a family, for instance, a neighbourhood like Southwest offers short commute time to schools and recreational centres. Meanwhile, if they are single and want to mingle, they will feel at home in the Northwest neighbourhood, where there is a fun mix of cafes, pubs, and bistros.

Mortgage rates

Mortgage rates are highly dependent on a housing market’s performance. Calgary’s market remains to be on the upside, where buyers get to enjoy low mortgage rates. Fixed mortgage rates remain to be the preferred choice than adjustable mortgage rates.

Employment opportunities

Buyers of houses for sale in Calgary have to find employment to be able to pay for their mortgage—unless of course they are multi-millionaires who are set for life. Jobseekers have plenty of opportunities in Calgary. In fact, of all Canadian provinces, Alberta has the lowest unemployment rate for people ages 25-34.

Moving to Calgary, one of the top 10 most liveable cities in the world, is indeed a smart choice. Still, there are other things to consider before making the big move and buying a home, especially if they are first-time home-shoppers. Talking to experienced real estate agents like Christine Ordze can help them arrive at a well-informed decision that specifically addresses their needs and interests.

(Source: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary named among the best places to live in the world by The Economist,, August 19, 2014)

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