More Families Request for Downtown Homes from their Calgary Realtor®

Rather than live in the suburbs, buyers have asked their professional Calgary Realtor® for permanent homes in Calgary’s inner city instead of transient ones. Metro News reporter Robson Fletcher discusses how the attraction of the urban lifestyle is attracting more families thanks to the improved quality of life here.

Life in downtown Calgary

Calgary’s downtown area is becoming a “more rooted” community with a growing number of residents choosing to stay for the long term, according to survey results and the observations of people who live there…

“What it’s telling us is that people are staying longer,” said Dawn Thome of the city’s planning, development, and assessment department.

She also noted that centre-city residents have lived in their communities, on average, for 13 years, according to the 2013 survey, and 83 per cent said they’ll likely stay put.

Amenities are a stone’s throw away

Downtown Calgary is a short walk or drive away from over 3,500 businesses, including shopping centres and retail stores. For those who’d rather avoid the weather and walk safely to their destination, Calgary’s indoor walkway system covers 16 kilometres in and around the downtown area.

Reduced crime rate

Long-time residents recount how uncertain the law and order situation in the inner city was before the term of Police Chief Rick Hanson. The crime rate has dropped 35% in downtown Calgary since his appointment. This translated into a strong sense of security and safety in the area which has prompted occupants of condos downtown to dig in their heels and stay for the long term.

Ideal location

Living in the inner city means goodbye to long commutes and more time enjoying the company of friends and family. That extra hour spent driving from the office to home could be used for quality time with your kids or a workout at the gym. Meeting up with friends at trendy nightspots or restaurants will take mere minutes.

Property Appreciation

The further the real estate is from the city, the more affordable it becomes. Consulting a Realtor® for advice on moving to Calgary means that in time, your inner city home will be worth more than what you paid for. When your location is in high demand, there’s no way you can lose when it comes to property value.

(Article excerpt and image from “Life in downtown Calgary an increasingly permanent choice”, 29 May 2014,


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