An Experienced Calgary Realtor® Matches Property Buyers with Sellers

Buyers are always on the lookout for available pieces of real property in cosmopolitan areas like downtown and inner city Calgary because of changes in either their career status or their family lives. However, a bank recently said that home hunters will now have a harder time finding houses that fit consumer specific needs. Daniel Tencer reported on this issue in full detail for The Huffington Post:

Making Dream Home

If you’ve bought a condo and are hoping to upgrade to a single-family home someday, you may end up waiting longer than you expected.

According to a report from CIBC World Markets, the long run-up in Canadian house prices is making it harder and harder for families to move up to their dream home.

At the same time, tighter mortgage rules and soaring prices are pushing many young Canadians out of the housing market, CIBC economist Benjamin Tal wrote in the report.

However, while the CIBC report may have captured the current trend in home prices and figures in the market, it does not reflect the detailed process that individuals and parties undergo when they contract property transactions. The conduct of how buyers and sellers come together to reach an agreement on a specific price can give context on how and why such numbers currently prevail.

It is also worth pointing out that trends are figures and statistics designed to guide policymakers, economists, and bankers who may have an interest in finding out how home prices can change in the short and long term. But when it comes to the grassroots–that is, the actual people involved in property transactions–it is professional Calgary realtors such as Christine Ordze who can give home buyers a better and more accurate picture of what it’s actually like to buy or sell houses right now.

As an experienced Calgary Realtor®, a specialist like Christine can match property buyers and sellers to stimulate successful transactions. Realtors act with due diligence to go over property listings and select available homes which meet or are close to meeting the financial requirements and personal preferences indicated by their clients. These professionals will also continue performing this task until buyers are satisfied, despite the higher market price projections that experts come out with.

Moreover, realtors can provide objective opinion, critical advice, and needed support that will enable home buyers to arrive at well-informed decisions regarding their plans to purchase homes. People should not hesitate to contact a property professional for help as such assistance could spell the success of their home hunting venture.

(Source: House Price Gap Grows, Making Dream Home A Fantasy: CIBC, The Huffington Post, September 9, 2014)

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