Houses for Sale in Calgary: The Various Perks of Inner City Living

Although some families prefer to live in the smaller towns around Calgary, many find the active urban vibe of this thriving Canadian city rather irresistible. After taking the 17th spot in the New York Times’ list of 52 Places to Go, Calgary has never been more loved by both locals and newcomers. Aside from the abundant work opportunities one can enjoy, inner city dwellers also have access to almost everything anyone could need for comfortable modern living.

Urban Living

Living close to where you work makes a lot of sense. For instance, you can spend more time with your family and find fulfillment through your other lifestyle pursuits instead of spending several hours a week stuck in traffic. Ben Apple’s article for points out some of the other known perks of living within the heart of the city.

“Living in an urban center can be great if you enjoy the hustle and bustle. You’re close to where the action is, where deals are both made and broken in the corridors of financial and political power. The urban center is also the place to be if you enjoy arts and culture, with so many galleries, theaters, museums and other similar places.

If you’re a “foodie” or a social animal, then nothing beats the array of bars, clubs, restaurants and places of entertainment that the city center can offer. Don’t forget shopping. On your doorstep will be your favorite boutique shops and major department stores.”

With all these perks taken into account, buyers have more reasons to choose houses for sale in Calgary’s inner city as opposed to properties in the suburbs. However, experts advise buyers to buy an inner city home only if it fits their lifestyle as a way to prevent the risk of another housing bubble. In any case, the service of a reliable realtor® like Christine Ordze can help buyers make more intelligent decisions when it comes to picking and buying a home.

Such a Realtor® can help you find the best homes for sale in Calgary that not only fetch reasonable prices but are environmentally sound to boot. While properties in the inner city may cost more than those in suburban neighborhoods, the corresponding property appreciation is certainly far from negligible. In addition, the fact that a Realtor® has access to a wide range of property listings means you’ll have a better chance of acquiring the home of your dreams before another buyer does.

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