Watch out for Red Flags when Looking at Houses for Sale in Calgary

Here’s a nice story from the Calgary Herald that might get you to consider looking for nice houses for sale in Calgary, particularly in the inner city.

Bowness resident Patti Dolan adores living in the inner city.

But it’s been a tough go after her basement filled up with water in the devastating floods that hit Calgary this past June.


She received help cleaning up not just from family and friends, but also from a group she belongs to, Business Networking International, as well as from the community at large.

Strangers stopped by to drop off food. One little girl even came by to drop off cards she had made for people affected by the flood. “She wanted to make sure we were feeling better,” Dolan says.

If these simple acts of neighbourly love have solidified your intentions of getting a home in the inner city, here are some tips you should know:

Before Buying

When you’re looking to purchase a house, keep in mind that you shouldn’t just sign on to any contract without thoroughly checking out the property. This should apply to both newly-constructed homes, and pre-owned properties either sold directly by the owners, or by a bank after foreclosure.

Watch out for Red Flags when Looking at Houses for Sale in Calgary

Visit the property at different times of day

Most of the time, buyers will only visit the house they’re looking to buy in the daytime, so while they might love what they see, they will actually have no idea how it feels at night until they move in. Who knows, those nice windows that let a lot of natural light in during the day might turn into an uncomfortable sight at night.

Check power outlets

Inspect all the wall or ceiling mounted power outlets in a home and take note of the placement. Make sure they are just the right elevation to make it easier for you to plug and unplug your electronic gadgets and equipment. You might have to spend extra in disconnecting any unwanted outlet.


As important as checking the inside of a home is, it’s also important to check the outside. You need to ensure that you are not moving into a bad neighborhood, or one that’s right in the midst of a busy road. Homes that are in an airport’s flight path, for instance, might be affordable, but the noise from planes overhead can be extremely discomforting.

If you do want to take advantage of the increasing supply of single-family homes in inner-city Calgary, make sure that you work with a reputable realtor to help you find your dream home. Trusted realtors like Christine Ordze have the right experience and networks to help homeowners look for attractive inner-city Calgary houses for sale.

(Source: Neighbourly spirit at the core of urban living, The Calgary herald, 10/3/2013)