Calgary Homes for Sale: Finding the Right Neighborhood in Inner City

Without a doubt, Calgary is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, and can now claim to be at par with Vancouver and Toronto when it comes to real estate activity. A report in Calgary Herald better illustrates this development:

Calgary prices rose by 9.6 per cent year-over-year and by 1.1 per cent month-over-month – both the best in the country and to an all-time high for the city, said the Teranet-National Bank National Composite House Price Index.” Real estate experts believe that the trend is set to carry over the foreseeable future at least.

To some people, higher real estate prices in downtown Calgary can mean bad news, particularly potential homebuyers who wish to move to the city. What these buyers should keep in mind however, is that Calgary also has some of the best housing affordability ratings in the country, which is about 38 percent as of 2013. This shows that the city’s homeowners are generally financially capable of paying off their mortgages.

Calgary Homes for Sale: Finding the Right Neighborhood in Inner City

Perhaps the biggest concern of would-be homeowners is finding the best home at the right price. For this, they can rely on the services of the best Calgary Realtors®, such as Christine Ordze, who specialize in sealing deals for inner-city Calgary homes for sale.

What constitutes as the “best home” varies from person to person, but most people will agree that the right neighborhood factors greatly into a home’s qualities. While Calgary have many ideal locations, inner city neighborhoods are considered highly desirable places to take up residence in.

Southwest quadrant neighborhoods, like Bankview and Mount Royal, are usually held in high regard because of their pleasant atmosphere, trendy shops, and good public transportation. Northwest Calgary neighborhoods, such as Sunnyside and West Hillhurst, come close as these have plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants that can spice up a typical nighttime stroll. Meanwhile, the Northeast and Southeast Calgary quadrants of inner city Calgary offer attractive and affordable houses and condos.

The many options in inner city Calgary can be confusing for any homebuyer. For example, some properties in the Southeast, like those in McKenzie Lake, rival the affluent and luxurious homes in downtown Calgary. This is where the services of experienced Calgary Realtors ® are most welcome, since these professionals are highly knowledgeable in the pros and cons of each location.

Additionally, closing a deal on a home for sale in Calgary City entails numerous and often confusing paperwork that first-time buyers may find overwhelming. A realtor can guide homebuyers through the myriad of documents and processes that home buying entails. Working with such an expert can help make the dream of finding a home and settling in inner city Calgary a stress free reality.

(Source: Calgary house price growth outpacing rest of Canada, Calgary Herald, March 12, 2014)