Market Forecasts Prompts Smart Ways to Find Calgary Homes for Sale

If recent forecasts by the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) pan out, then people who search for homes in Calgary can expect a vibrant market. They might also need to search for homes in a smart way.

vibrant housing

Both organisations predict a vibrant market for new and resale homes. Richard Cho, senior market analyst for CMHC, forecasts an increase in supply of single-family units and demand for multi-family units. According to Ann-Marie Lurie, chief economist for CREB, resales and their prices are bound to go up:

In 2014, both sales activity and prices are expected to improve, but not at the same pace recorded in 2013,” says Lurie. “While factors influencing demand will support growth in 2014, new listings and increased competition from the new home sector should alleviate some of the supply pressure in the market.

Searching homes online

Expectedly, people search online for homes that meet their needs. The search process, however, can be tedious with so many options to research and choose. Yet searching Calgary homes for sale need not be tiring if people do it in a smart way.

One way is to specify the online search. That means narrowing down the search based on location via postal codes or neighbourhood, home types such as resale or foreclosed houses, and other fields like number of bedrooms and price. Real estate groups such as Trulia and Realtor® Canada provide online tools that help people specify their searches.

However, some online search services have two drawbacks. Aside from having limited options, some require people to provide their contact information before getting results. The second drawback, in turn, often results in multiple sales pitches via email.

The above drawbacks encouraged Christine Ordze, a local Realtor®, to provide another way to find a home for sale in Calgary. Ordze’s search service provides options without requiring anyone to sign up for anything. That gives people a convenient way to search for homes online as well as a professional to ask for help.

(Article Information and Image from Vibrant housing market forecast for 2014, Calgary Sun, January 18, 2014)


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