There is Space Here: Let a Skilled Calgary Realtor Find You a Property

Due to the exposure Calgary got as MoneySense‘sbest Canadian city to live in last year, and the whopping number of people flocking to its inner neighborhoods, it is no wonder that Calgary real estate was a booming business in 2013.


Tamara Elliott of the Global News reports that the Calgary’s housing market, in particular, saw robust sales. According to her, “2013 saw an 11 per cent sales jump compared to 2012 numbers, and the Calgary Real Estate Board says that was due to a number of factors.”

The CREB economist Ann-Marie Lurie also mentions that “two consecutive years of elevated levels of net migration, combined with an improving job outlook and confidence surrounding long-term economic prospects supported the demand growth.”

Given the popularity of the area, moving to Calgary might seem daunting at first. The population density can scare prospective buyers. The strong competition for locations, houses, and condos can also be intimidating.

Here is where the miracle is: despite the increasing number of residents and purchased homes, there is still space left in Calgary for new residents to occupy. The trick is to find people who can point prospective buyers to these available properties. These people come with a professional label: Calgary realtor.

Realtors in this city abound but the good ones, like Christine Ordze, who have an impressive knowledge of Calgary, are rare. These are the professionals you should be looking for if you’re looking for a home in the city, as they can help you find the gem of a property everyone else would like to have.

(Article Information and Image from INFOGRAPHIC: Calgary real estate market red hot in 2013,, January 2, 2014)


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