Lead Me to the Inner City: What This Calgary Realtor Can Do For You

Bowness Resident Patti Dolan beams with pride about living in the inner city. She tells the Calgary Herald:

I love living close in… Access to anywhere in the city is really convenient. We’ve got lots of green space in the area. The river is a huge attraction, because we’ve got an off-leash area you can take your dogs to.”

As if that isn’t enough, Dolan expresses that she doesn’t regret living where she does at all. This can come off as a surprise; Bowness was flooded just a few months back. Her home was, unfortunately, among those affected.

neighbourly spirit

However, a peaceful community and sheer optimism have made her see the sunny side of her inner-city life. Beautiful things might need to be found in the heart of bigger cities. In Dolan’s case, that was Bowness.

Many wish to be explorers; to be like Patti Dolan who gets to find (and even reside) in holes in the walls like Bowness. What better way to start and be acquainted with these unfamiliar places than by knowing the right people? Knowledgeable real estate agents, for example, may be one of those.

Professional Calgary realtors might not be scarce, but one who doubles as an inner-city expert might be. Christine Ordze, for example, is known for her real estate services in the area. Her services are built on her knowledge of the inner city and understanding what her clients might want.

The inner-city shouldn’t be left be a secret; it’s too good to be hidden. Get a professional Calgary realtor to get you a home in the inner city.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Neighborly Spirit at the Core of Urban Living, Calgary Herald, October 3, 2013)


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