Buying a New Home: How a Calgary Realtor Can Help You Close a Good Deal

Elizabeth Pryde’s article for discusses the most important factors to consider when purchasing a home. Pryde explains that identifying and considering these factors will lead to an informed decision, eventually ensuring worthwhile property ownership. Pryde lists budgeting as the foremost factor to consider in buying a home.

Setting a budget will allow you to narrow down the homes that are real options for you, as well as develop a picture of your financial situation in terms of what you might be able to contribute as a down payment, what type of interest rates you can expect, and what amount your mortgage payments should be.

buying a house

Most of the other factors to consider are influenced by your budget. In dynamic cities like Calgary, for instance, a home close to basic establishments like hospitals and schools may cost higher than those which are not. Therefore once you have established a budget, find out the kind of community that would be ideal for what you can afford to spend, and the amenities that are available in such locations.

This will require a lot of research, particularly if you will do this on your own. The assistance of professionals, however, can make the search easier for you, as Ms. Pryde’s article states:

A mortgage broker can be a huge help in terms of understanding the financial component to your purchase, a real estate agent can successfully identify potential properties and work to negotiate a contract that considers your best interests, a contractor can assist you in mapping out costs for renovations, a property inspector can ensure you are getting a sound home, and a lawyer or notary can take the guess work out of the closing process.

Getting the services of a reliable Calgary realtor is another important step you need to take in the home buying process. If you’re a first-time buyer who wants to avoid any legal issues and purchase risks, you can trust the expertise of a realtor who knows the industry and the market well. A realtor can steer you to the right property that matches your preference and budget, and help in facilitating the deal between you and the seller.

A seasoned realtor can even help you make the decision between buying a single family home, or one of the good-value Calgary condos downtown. The network of reputable realtors like Calgary’s Inner City Real Estate Specialist Christine Ordze, encompasses all property types, giving their clients a wide array of choices.

(Article Information and Image from 8 Valuable Considerations When Buying A House,


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