Decisions: Convenient Condos or Affordable Houses for Sale in Calgary

A CBC News website article dated November 14, 2013 weighs the options of whether to own a new house or rent a condominium unit. Canada’s real estate market is being dictated by numerous trends, which can push buyers to choose either choice. Notably, the article points out that recent developments in transit systems are making buyers lean towards purchasing condos out of convenience:

New HouseWith challenging infrastructure in all major Canadian centres coupled with the urbanization trend, there will be a continued demand for retail, office and residential space in our urban centres where there is easy access to mass transit,” she said.

Redevelopment of urban areas and creation of mixed use real estate are key trends for the coming year, she said, especially in centres such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

But the report says real estate that is far from transit, or a long way from residential areas may become underused and is less likely to be redeveloped because of a significant shift in where people want to live.

Increased automobile commute times and snarled traffic are turning people off suburban living and many Canadians are choosing condo living over the house with a yard which comes with a frustrating commute.

While it does sound reasonable enough to choose a condo due to its proximity to the city and all its amenities, buyers shouldn’t completely write off houses from their lists. Folks should gauge for themselves which property will serve them better in the long run. When deciding between city-based condos and suburban houses for sale in Calgary, buyers shouldn’t hesitate to ask a knowledgeable real estate agent for advice, like Ms. Christine Ordze.

They may differ in the mode of ownership, yet houses and condos both provide adequate living space. Although it’s tempting to assume that both have their pros and cons, choosing between them can be quite the chore. Buyers shouldn’t just consider their financial standing and personal preferences; they also have to account for the market’s current condition, the property’s location, pricing, and so on.

For such invaluable pieces of information, buyers can turn to real estate agents for aid. Agents can supply buyers with all the necessary information they need before making a deal, and can even offer hints on whether or not a particular property is worth a purchase. Whether you choose condo units or Calgary houses for sale, know that a real estate agent is there to help.

(Article Excerpt and Image from New house prices fall, but real estate sector still strong, CBC News, November 14, 2013)